“There is a corner of Woodford that will be forever Italy.”

– Timeout Magazine



The Pizzeria Bel-Sit was opened back in 1981 by our Grandparents, Mario and Merry Zeppa. It was only half the size then and just a few doors down from their original renowned restaurant The Adriatico, which had opened five years earlier.

The Pizzeria Bel-Sit was the little sister trattoria/pizzeria and offered a more casual dining experience, with good value for money and a family friendly atmosphere. It was the first authentic Pizzeria this side of London making authentic homemade pizza.

The Bel-sit became a hub for locals who loved the food and the buzz created by Marco and Giovanni since 1983. These young Sardinians started an atmosphere like no other, where everyone was welcome and people enjoyed themselves.

Customers returned regularly to eat delicious food, drink good wine and share stories and became good friends. You could dine on your own or bring the whole family for a celebration. I wonder how many times they honked that horn and sang ‘ Happy Birthday’! And the queue…., back in the day before social media, was the place you would go people and trend spotting.

We have been frequented by celebrities young and old, sporting heroes, musical geniuses and reality stars but Marco and Giovanni would give everyone the same good service and we aim to continue that family tradition. Marco always reminds us that our Nonna even had to queue for a table!

The Bel-Sit has been on the map as one of the most loved places to eat for the last forty years. Infact, the Bel-Sit is so beloved of its customers that the word ‘Bel-Sit’ has entered the local slang.

“ Are you having a Belsit tonight ?”

Mario, Gina and the Bel-Sit team.