Terms and Conditions for Pizzeria Belsit Ltd


1.1 The general terms and conditions below apply to all purchases for dining in and take away .
1.2 By making an order the consumer accepts the applicability of these terms and conditions.
1.3 Any deviations to those stipulated in these terms and conditions are only valid when they
are confirmed in writing by the management.

2. Quality

The restaurant guarantees that all of its dishes will meet the reputational standard of the
Pizzeria Belsit. If there are any complaints, the management must be informed immediately
whether the customer is eating in the restaurant or is eating a take away. Any food considered
to be below standard will need to be shown to the manager before it is consumed. If the food is
consumed or thrown away by the customer then there is no evidence of their complaint and the
complaint will be negated. Appropriate actions will be taken by the management following a

3. Prices

The Pizzeria Belsit Ltd reserves the right to change their prices as and when required.

4. Cancellations.

We do not offer any refund in the event of a cancellation or amendment of a take away order or
a restaurant order.

5. All prices include VAT